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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why does the atkins diet work

By following the atkins nutritional approach for a life time , you will achieve four thing :

1- You will lose weight , it's hard not to both men and woman who follow the atkins approach to weight loss readily take off pounds and inches , optimizing body weight is a valuable element of any health-oriented program because, by and large being significantly overweight is an indicator of potential health problems , now or in the future . when you have taken the pounds off, you'll see the benefits and they will be far more than merely cosmetic.
2- You will maintain your weight loss, this is where the atkins nutritional approach leaves most other diets in the dust. almost every experienced dieter has gone on a diet, worked hard, lost a lot of pounds and gained them all back in a few months or perhaps a year . this is usually duet to the expected consequence of low-fat/ / low-calorie diets --- hunger. although many poeple can tolerate hunger for a while , very few can tolerate it for a lifetime. deprivation is no fun . once the biological gap between hunger and fulfillment grows too large , the rebound can be amazingly rapid as well as hearthbreaking and humiliating. but that's the problem of diets that restrict quantities . the atkins program refuses to accept hunger as a way of life. the plan includes food that have anough fat and protein so hunger is not the huge issue it is on other weight loss plans. but it still allows dieters to maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

3- You will achieve good health. the change is amazing doing atkins , you meet your nutritional needs by eating delicious, healthy, filling foods and avoiding the sugar and carbs that junk food is loaded with . as a result , you become less tired and more energetic , not merely because of the weight loss, but because the physical consequences of a truly dysfunctional blood sugar and insulin metabolism are reversed. doing the atkins. poeple start feeling good even before they reach their goal weight.

4- You will lay the permanent groundwork for disease prevention. you will change your life ,which, believe it or not, is even more important than looking good on the beach next summer.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dance and weight loss

Dancing is a good way to lose weight , dancing is not only a great way to have fun at home or out with friends . but it can also help you lose weight . dancing , being a form of exercising , helps you reaching a physical fitness that ensures that your body organs and systems are all functioning normally .

When you dance you can add some joy to your workout as you shake what you've got and twist and shake away the calories , also to completely relax your body both physically and mentally , since stress contributes to one being overweight .

Follow these steps to make sure you get the most weight loss from your dance routine :
1-Research types of dance to find out which you like best and are most likely to stick with. Think about what type of music you like as part of your decision.

2-Understand the benefits of the types of dancing you plan to do. More active options include salsa or hip-hop, which can burn a large amount of calories, and slower options include ballroom or jazz, which still burn calories and provide aerobic activity. Ballet is a good way to increase your flexibility.

3-Look for classes or DVDs to teach you more about how to perform the dances. Read online reviews and call local studios to see if they have introductory options so you can try different styles to make sure you like them. Include dance at least once a week if you are doing another type of cardiovascular workout two or three other days during the week. Or, just use dance as your aerobics and do that for at least 20 minutes a day, three to four days a week.

4-Mix the types of dance you do to gain the most benefit. There are varying degrees of muscle use and activity levels depending on what dance you do. Doing more than one type of dance can work out different muscle groups.

5-Combine other types of workouts with dance to help you lose the most weight you can. Dance uses muscles, but not in the same way that lifting weights does so make sure you keep this a part of your weekly workouts. Also include pilates and yoga to ensure flexibility.

Tips and Warnings:

Go unstructured and dance on your own to lose weight. Just make sure you keep moving at a quick pace for at least 20 minutes.

Make dancing a game while you lose weight. Play Dance Dance Revolution (made for Playstation) at home or at an arcade.

Warm up before and stretch after you dance to prevent injury. It is still a workout that strains your body even though it is more fun than other workouts.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Detox diet and weight loss

It is a known fact that losing weight for the long-term cannot be found in a bottle .

To lose weight , poeple try some many ways , but unfortunately , some of this ways can be unsafe .

Get rid of excess weight is better achieved through poper nutrition and regular physical activity . as we know , that the most difficult part of dropping pounds is getting started .

How can detox diet help you : 
A detox diet is usually used to rid the body of toxins that are taken in on a daily basis. toxins that are in the foods we eat (mainly processed food) , and the air we breathe.

A detox diet helps to remove these toxins , but one of the side-effects for many poeple is weight loss. most of detox diets vary , a general one usually lasts for no more than a week , and consist of eating mostly vegetables and some fruits .

Some poeple who drop weight after using a detox diet find that it is a good jump start to keep going . they change their eating habits for the better and keep on to lose all of their remaining excess weight .

Before performing a detox it is necessary to keep in mind a set of points , they are not all equal . you must attention and beware of those that last for more than a week , also be weary of all liquid detoxes. You shouldn't be starving your body. consult with you health care , is very important , especially if you are currently taking any medications .

While a detox could help kick-start a weight loss plan .it is essential to understand that all that is truly important is your overall diet and activity level. Avoiding junk food and exercising regularly will bring lifelong and lasting results.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Burn Fat or Calories - What Is the Difference?

There are several benefits that women can derive from regular workout routines and exercise routines. Of course, the very popular goal of weight loss is one of the them. In addition, there are many health benefits to working out and exercising. Prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes are a few. There is also the joy and pleasure - what I like to call the "Happy Factor" - that come as by-product of being healthy. With the aging process it can seem more and more difficult for women 40 and above to keep weight off. To maintain or lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle it is paramount that women exercise on a regular basis. But, for many, it may seem that what you did to stay fit and strong only a few years ago, just doesn't have the same effect anymore.

The Weight of a Calorie Does one calorie weigh more than another. Well, technically no. But, you can look at it this way:
When you do basic every day activity you burn energy (calories). These types of activities are using basic sugars/carbohydrates as their source of energy. If, however, you don't happen to use all of those sugar calories up with your daily activity your body stores them as fat.

To burn this stored fat you must introduce oxygen to your body, i.e. - aerobic activity. The reason this "weighs" so much more is that it takes approximately 20 minutes of aerobic activity to get to a fat burning state and then you need to maintain that same level of intensity to actually get that fat burned. One way to avoid this is to do short, intense workouts, daily. These mini workouts can help you burn the calories before they are stored as fat.

But - Wait I need to lose weight!

OK, so lets just say that you feel a little bit beyond the "preventive" mode of not allowing these calories to be stored as fat. What if you feel you already have some unwanted pounds and you want to lose weight?

I'm sure I won't be the first to say this, you already know, if you want to lose weight you'll need to follow workout routine. What you may not know, is that it needs to include exercise that is aerobic as well as weight baring. This will supply that much desired oxygen to the system.

Workout Properly for Burning Calories vs. Fat When choosing your workout routine you'll want to make sure it is balanced and includes strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise. You can try implementing aerobic activities like running, walking (fast - pace), hiking, and - of course my favorite: dancing, to increase your supply of oxygen.

Strength training increases your muscle strength and even burns additional calories while at rest by developing lean muscle mass.
Cardiovascular training will support you heart health and endurance.
Flexibility training will assist you in functional daily movement, joint health, and range of motion.
Core Strengthening will provide support to you lumbar (lower back), help you develop strong, sleek abs, and assist in balance as well. 

The numbers of exercises you can add to your health training plan are infinite. Ideally, you'll want to design a specific workout routine based on your goal, and abilities. You can choose a 3 day routine, a 5 day routine, or (another favorite of mine) short intense workouts, aka Mini Workouts, almost daily. The possibilities are endless and they all lead to a healthier, happier you!

Be sure to reach out to me if you need assistance in developing your workout routine or short workout - mini workout plan!

Dance • Fitness • Motivation

Patty Rose

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Using Biking As A Great Weight Loss Strategy

It is quite the challenge to lose weight for many people, but you can make it easier on yourself. Find something you like to do as far as your exercise is concerned, and if that is biking, then you have found the right article. Continue reading to learn how you can use your bike as a great weight loss strategy.

You must consider the size of the bike that you need and the style as well. What type of bike do you want? Make sure above everything else that you get the right size bike for your needs. You don't want a bike that is too small especially. Take a look at them online or in person to get a better idea of the size that you need.
You need the right shoes to wear too if you don't have any already. If you have the money, go ahead and buy yourself a new pair to show your dedication anyway. It is a great thing for yourself that you're about to do. Get the right shoes for your needs, and make sure they're comfortable as well. Of course, they have to be the right shoes for biking, so don't buy anything off topic.

When you're planning a nice long ride, make sure you take water and low-fat snacks with you or a sports drink. Think of it like a picnic, and make sure the stuff you pack is healthy. You can stop at the half-way point in your ride and have a little picnic, or you can drink your water and eat whatever snack you pick along the way. Make sure you have some way to carry it with you easily. This means you will want to make sure that either your bike has a storage place or holder for these or you can put them on your person somehow. A backpack is always a good thing to have.

You also need a first-aid kit on your person, so it's probably a good idea that you have a backpack as mentioned earlier if you don't have compartments for things on your bike. This backpack can contain your food and water as well as your first-aid kit. This will ensure that you have the supplies that you need.

You also need to have things to fix your tire in case something happens. Therefore, it's a good idea to have this stuff in your backpack as well. You can also get extra padding to put in your seat, and this will make it comfortable for you to ride longer. You also need to know where you're going so that you don't get lost.

When trying to lose weight, it's important that you do something you like to do for exercise. Make sure you pick and choose a few different activities, and try looking for something new. Biking makes a great exercise routine, and you should remember what you've read to ensure that you have the best biking experience.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Start Juicing for Fast Diet Results

Juicing is not complicated. All you do is extract juice from fresh pieces of produce. Your drink may come from an apple, or it could stem from a carrot. Whether it's from a fruit or a veggie, the liquid you get to drink is full of natural vitamins and nutrients. The combinations and tastes you can create in your own kitchen are endless. While it does cause you to miss out on all of the fiber found in a whole fruit or vegetable, juicing is still a fabulous technique to lose weight quickly.
Believe it or not, many health specialists claim that juicing can be more beneficial for a person that consuming an entire fruit or vegetable. They claim that it's only smart to allow your stomach to better digest foods and their nutrients. It also gives your body a little break from processing fibers. At the same time, several health care professionals say juicing kicks your immune system into full gear, lowering your overall risk of lethal diseases, such as cancer. Meanwhile, juicing flushes large amounts of unwanted toxins out of your body. More often than not, the result is quick weight loss.
Make sure that you down all of your juice mix right then and there after you make it. After all, nobody needs any nasty bacteria to help with his or her weight loss efforts. Also, try not to lose all of the nutritious pulp in your drink. Fiber-rich pulp fills up any empty stomach and prevents you from overeating. Note that some fruits and veggies possess more calories than others. No dieter needs these extra calories.
When you juice, you are helping all the nutrients from your fruits and veggies to get absorbed into your system. If you are so many millions who do not care for the taste of vegetables every day, making a nutritious drink can satisfy your diet. Meanwhile, juicing allows you to easy rotate different fruits and vegetables that you may not normally eat. The variety of produce can do your body good. Regardless, you still have to eat regular meals along with your assortment of produce. Your blend of juices doesn't contain protein or any necessary fats to feed your system. Think of it as a snack between meals, if not a tasty size dish.
When shopping for a juicer, it never hurts to do a little homework. Look online for product reviews and prices. You never want the least expensive model that will arrive in 18 different pieces. They are fragile and they are extremely noise. At the same time, do not throw away your money on any ridiculously fancy machines that sell for thousands of dollars each. Once you settle on a machine, you should start mixing basic vegetables, like celery and cucumbers. Over time, you can experiment more choices, such as spinach, lettuce and carrots.
Don't picture your juicer as simply a weight loss tool, think of it as a fun device for creating satisfying refreshments in the comfort of your own kitchen. Get creative with colorful concoctions of various fruits and veggies. The mechanism is superb for giving you fast diet results.
Being a middle-aged man, I have grown aware of being dangerously overweight. I need to find some type of fast diet routine to get skinny. Otherwise, I can suffer a heart attack at any given moment. I decided to ask my family doctor how to lose weight fast? He suggested powerful HCG Injections to lose weight fast, as well as juicing to see quick weight loss result. That certainly sounds easy enough. Thanks Doc!

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How To Lose Stomach Fat For Women

Putting 'how to lose stomach fat for women' aside for a moment, I believe it's safe to say that weight loss techniques is a topic that is very popular in internet search bars. Even though a lot of people do end up finding great and trustworthy methods to losing undesired stomach fat, the majority are lost in never-ending lists of programs and weight loss products, many of which fail to deliver on their promises of particular results. It truly is saddening... to think about how many incredible people who are only searching to be released from the bondage of self-consciousness struggle so much with finding the right ways to lose their extra weight. It isn't fair to put the blame on them for struggling with this, it really is terribly hard to find the correct way to lose belly fat. I personally understand how the weight loss industry has made losing weight so confusing, and how there is no solid proof that a product's promises aren't corrupt.

Now, besides all the difficulties with just finding the best way to lose weight, you may have to add a bit more difficulty to this scale if you are a woman... I apologize for saying this, but it's actually scientific. Read further if you want to correctly learn how to lose stomach fat for women...
It is not a new discovery to say that a woman's body mass is generally more delicate than a man's, that's a given. But along with a woman's more petite body structure (that is not built to house large muscle tissue), comes an unavoidable lower metabolism. To put it into perspective, say two people were to exercise together, each with a different body mass than the other, one large and one a bit leaner. If they were to exercise with the exact same routine, the larger body would burn significantly more calories than the leaner body... up to 3 times as many! The reason this happens is because someone with more body mass uses much more energy to do a physical act, and spends more calories to achieve what you are asking it to do.

You may be in one of two situations. Either you are just beginning to lose weight and have a large build already, or you have been losing weight for a while and can't seem to eliminate those last few pounds or final bit of stomach fat. The good news is: this idea of 'more mass loses more weight' can be used with whatever stage you're in!

Now the solution on how to lose stomach fat for women. If you can make it through the first leg of losing weight (make sure you incorporate exercise and a good diet) and you start seeing results (which you will more easily at first because with a larger body mass comes a higher metabolism), then you can begin to focus on building up muscle in the major muscle groups. This creates 'positive' body mass that works the same way and is just as aggressive in burning calories as fat! Except now, you are past the negative and going into the positive! Imagine losing weight as a number line. When you start, you are at -40. As you lose your 'fat body mass' you begin to move towards the 0. Once you are finished using the mass of your fat to your advantage (from higher metabolism), you are at 0, and from then on into the positives you are utilizing muscle instead as your fat-burning mass!

Now that you are aware of this principle, it should be easier to understand how to tackle losing weight! To recap: the first pounds you lose will be the easiest (the hardest part is adjusting your lifestyle, but the weight will detach itself quickly when you have a large body mass), and once you have lost a lot of the fat, begin exercising your muscles to utilize this healthier mass to gain higher metabolism and in turn higher rate of calorie burning! How to lose stomach fat for women is now known as a principle.

If you found this information helpful, discover much more just like it at http://www.howtolosestomachfatquickly.com, as well as read more excellent and free information on how to lose stomach fat for women.

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